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Who We Are

FETtest, Inc. was founded in 1976 in Los Gatos, California with the intent of producing an automatic discrete semiconductor tester to address the expanding test requirements of Field Effect Transistors, including high power devices. The industry quickly recognized the superiority of these test systems, which allowed the company, in 1984, to develop a comprehensive test system. This tester addressed a complete range of semiconductor devices including: FET's, BiPolar devices, Diodes, SCR's, PUT's, etc. The industry's overwhelming acceptance of this test system has propelled FETtest to the head of the 'Automatic Discrete Semiconductor Test System' class.

The company relocated to Morgan Hill, California in 1987 and is now recognized as a leader in innovative test solutions for automatic discrete semiconductor testing on a global scale.

FETtest is now one of the primary operating units of Test Enterprises Inc.

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