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Management Team

James Kufis, Chairman & CEO
Mr. Kufis is the founder of Test Enterprises Inc. His past experience includes Senior Engineering Manager and several engineering positions at Signetics (now Philips Semiconductor) all related to testing of semiconductors. Mr. Kufis is a graduate of Fresno State College (BSEE) and San Jose State University MSEE). Mr. Kufis is also founder and President of Thermonics (1976). Under his direction, Thermonics has become a pioneer in the development of temperature testing systems and is the leading supplier of fast, accurate and reliable temperature-testing equipment.

Helge Krystad, CTO
Mr. Krystad is the chief technical officer for the FETtest unit. His experience includes several senior-engineering positions in various companies, including Thermonics, many related to testing and manufacturing of semiconductors. He is a graduate of the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim, Norway (MSEE).

Wayne Pearson, Operations Manager
Mr. Pearson is the production manager for the FETtest unit. He has 29 years experience in the semiconductor test arena. His experience includes supervisory/management responsibilities at Monsanto (LED's), Teledyne Semiconductor and Siliconix prior to joining FETtest.