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Company News

FETtest Announces Expanded Presence in Asia
Morgan Hill, CA (USA) – FETtest, announces an expanded presence in Asia with the opening of TEST Inc. Asia. The new company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Test Enterprises (FETtest/Thermonics), will provide direct sales and service support for Test Enterprises companies, Thermonics, Inc., and FETtest, Inc. in the region. TEST Inc. Asia will support customers in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, and will support distributors in the region covering China and Taiwan.

With offices located in Singapore and Seremban, Malaysia, TEST Inc. Asia is positioned to provide sales and service support for the complete line of Thermonics Precision Temperature Forcing Systems (PTFSs), as well as FETtest’s discrete and analog/mixed-signal semiconductor test systems. The company also has regional service representatives in Panang, Malaysia, and in China’s Leshan region to increase service response capabilities in those areas.

Clinston Chan, vice president of TEST Inc. Asia, and the rest of his team in the region are providing the same high level of customer service in the Pacific Rim that the Test Enterprises brands are known for. As this important geographic region continues to grow, TEST Inc. Asia will ensure that our distinguished customer base in that region receives the highest quality service possible.

IF9 Multiplexing Module
We are now shipping the IF9 Multiplexing module. This allows combining results from our FETtest test system, that can include capacitance measurements, along with an Inductive Load tester, and a Thermal tester. This is all combined at one site using the IF9 to handle all the multiplexing.

New Look and Performance of the 34XX and 36XX Testers
We're changing our look, and upgrading our technology. FETtest is now shipping new systems with a significant upgrade to the parallel processing architecture in our 34XX and 36XXtesters. This upgrade reduced test times on our internal benchmarks to 70% of the previous record. This translates to a tremendous increase in productivity for you. Please contact us at,, for information on how to upgrade existing systems.

Software Enhancements to F3MN24
Software enhancements to F3MN24 include the use of Scripts to increase operator accuracy, as well as self-contained Networking commands, which allow an FTP client to transfer files to and from an FTP server (Windows NT, Unix, Netware etc.).