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3400E Bipolar/FET/Diodes



A highly sophisticated instrument designed for general purpose testing of today's discrete semiconductor devices. Employing state-of-the-art hardware and software, the FETtest Model 3400E features an advanced, high-speed tester processor that results in the highest device throughput available in its class. Menu driven software and report generator provide a stress-free programming and operating environment.

  • Tests discrete bipolar transistors, darlingtons FETs, Sense FETs, RF FETs, diodes, SCRs, Triacs, voltage references, opto-isolators, three terminal voltage regulators, current limiters, GaAs FETs, PUTs, duals and dual-gate devices.
  • Performs DC, AC and pulsed tests.
  • Excels at evaluating difficult to measure parameters on zeners, current limiters, varactor tuning diodes, darlingtons and matched dual transistors.
  • 24-bin opto-isolated handler/prober interface.
  • Parallel first-in-first-out computer to tester interface for maximum throughput.
  • Parallel test mode allows shared test execution with second tester for high throughput applications.
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