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3462E Dual 32 Channel Multiplexter


The RS62E is a dual station pin programmable multiplexer. Each station in the RS62E (side 1 and side 2) has the capability to multiplex. the main test systems resources (three Kelvined device leads plus a 4th lead and ground) to up to 32 output pins. The 3462 consists of the combination of a 3400E test system with a PC-AT computer and a RS62E Dual Station Multiplexer housed in a single cabinet.

The 3462E has two operational modes:

DEVICE SCAN MODE - Where a maximum of 32 individually packaged devices can be tested sequentially (scanned) with a bin result returned for each device.

TEST SEGMENT MODE - Where devices with a maximum of 31 segments per package, diode or transistor arrays for example, can be tested with a bin result returned based upon the combined test results of all segments.

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