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3464E Quad 8 Channel Multiplexer


The 3464E is a four station pin programmable multiplexer. Each of the four stations in the RS64E has the capability to multiplex the main test systems resources (three Kelvined device leads plus a 4th lead and ground) to up to eight output pins.

The 3464E was developed in response to customer requests for faster testing of eight pin multi segment devices. This is accomplished by using the Auto Parallel testing mode and connecting two of the pin programmable multiplexer stations to separate device test sites at the same handler.

Since there are four stations available, the 3464E can run multi segment devices at two handlers. In this mode, testing is occurring at one handler while the other handler is indexing the devices.

The RS64E has two operating modes:

DEVICE SCAN MODE - Where a maximum of eight individually packaged devices can be tested sequentially (scanned) with a bin result returned for each device.

TEST SEGMENT MODE - Where devices with a maximum of seven segments per package, diode or transistor arrays for example, can be tested with a bin result returned based upon the combined test results of all segments.

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