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Bipolar/FET/Diode Single Head Test System

3400E: Single Test Head System for 2, 3, 4+ Lead Devices
3401E: Single Test Head System optimized for 2 Lead Devices
3402E: Dual 3400 Systems in One Rack
3403E: Dual 3401 Systems in One Rack


3400E The FETtest Model 3400E is a highly sophisticated instrument designed for general purpose testing of today's discrete semiconductor devices. Employing state-of-the-art hardware and software, the FETtest Model 3400E features an advanced, high-speed tester processor that results in the highest device throughput available in its class. Menu driven software and report generator provide an easy to use programming and operating environment.

Configured to meet Your Needs
Available in three high voltage configurations, the Model 3400E can perform breakdown measurements to potentials of 1650 volts and sense leakage currents to 1 pico-ampere levels. Pulsed "ON" currents as high as 120 amps can be forced and measured. Low duty-cycle pulse measurement tests limit device heating during high-current testing. The Model 3400E employs 16 bit D/A converters in the forcing supplies and utilizes a 4 1/2 digit or optional 5 1/2 digit DVM. Optional diode capacitance testing is available.

The Model 3400E is available in bench top or free standing integrated rack cabinet versions. Model 3402E system comprises two complete testers in a single cabinet with both testers operating from a single Pentium class computer. This system is best utilized when interfaced with a high speed multiple test site handler enabling the user to perform true parallel testing or 100% in line QA testing.

Lower Cost Diode Systems Available
FETtest offers the Model 3401E, a two-leaded version of the Model 3400E. The Model 3401E is capable of performing all standard 2 lead test parameters plus the added capability of testing unique parameters related to SSOVPs, and SIDACs .

Flexible Handler Interfacing
Digital control of handlers and probers is accomplished with an opto-isolated interface that can be configured to the user's requirements.

True Analog Measurements and Forcing Functions
A unique feature of the 3400E Test System is that all measurements are made in an analog fashion so that the "true" value (rather than a go/no-go value) is established. Multiple limits can be established for any test. Tests are never repeated. Data may be saved with no loss in device throughput.

The forcing V/I supplies are programmed for both voltage and current compliance by 16 bit D-to-A converters. The current measurement circuitry is auto-zeroed before each current measurement.

Using its 1KHz synchronous phase detection capability, the Model 3400E Test System is able to distinguish the sought-after small signal AC signal from spurious signals generated by stray capacitance and noise. This provides highly accurate AC measurements necessary for difficult parameters such as transconductance and output conductance of small signal FETs.

For Zener Diodes and Current Limiters
The Model 3400E offers the precision and accuracy essential for measuring zener voltage, zener impedance, and current limiter output impedance.

Settling times can be established in one-millisecond increments up to 60 seconds. Pulsed tests are programmable in 100 microsecond increments to 10 milliseconds. Thus, variable "soak times" for any or all tests are easily programmed.

Ideal for Duals and Other Multiple Devices
In the case of duals or other multiple devices, side-to-side matching and difference limits and ratios can be specified for any test parameter. Mixed product devices (N and P combinations in one package) are readily accommodated.

Best Yield Analysis
The FETtest Model 3400E Test System includes best yield analysis software as a standard feature. The program accommodates the practice of running wafers or final test lots that lend themselves to several part numbers, selecting the sort priority that will produce the highest yield in the minimal amount of test time.

Full Math Operator Function
A math operator function allows the user to pass direct or modified results from one test to a second test as a forcing condition, or modify limits of a test based upon the results from a previous test. Users may also perform on-line rations, averages, differences, percentages, and apply exponents to the resultant calculation as in device figure of merit determinations.

Powerful Software
The Hi-Rel software package provides complete analysis and reporting capability for delta and delta percent testing, including on-line delta testing with immediate operator feedback and retest mode. The Statistical Analysis software provides summary information and min/max values, mean, CPK, standard deviation, skew, kurtosis and normalcy. Percentiles, histograms and scatter plots are also included. Full color wafer mapping and digital curve tracing is available in the FET/Graph software package.

Rigorously Tested
The FETtest warranty covers every component in the system for one year.