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   34XX Single Head Tester
   36XX Dual Head Tester
   IFXX Handler/Prober Interfacess    AMX400 Mixed Signal Tester

3600E Dual Head System: Bipolar/FET/Diode

  The model 3600E test system is an automated system designed for testing 2, 3 and 4- lead discrete semiconductors such as: Bipolar Transistors, Single and Dual-gate FETs, Sense FETs, PUTs, TRIACs, SCRs, Diodes, Zeners and Optos.Standard Hardware Capabilities
  • Two Test Stations
  • 600V/120A, 1200V/120A and 1650V/120A 1 Pico-ampere Leakage Measurements
  • Auto-zeroed Current Measurement Circuitry
  • 16 bit DACs on V/I supplies for both current and voltage compliance
  • 1 KHz AC synchronous phase detection
  • 16 bit 4 digit DVM
  • 24 bin opto-isolated handler/prober interface
  • Multi-user Pentium class computer

Lead Switching & Capacitance Testing
IF3S option allows lead switching and the performance of device capacitance measurements at 1MHz.

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