products overview
   34XX Single Head Tester
   36XX Dual Head Tester
   IFXX Handler/Prober Interfacess    AMX400 Mixed Signal Tester


Bipolar/FET/Diode Dual Head Production Test System

3600E: Dual Test Head System for 2, 3, 4+ Lead Devices
3601E: Dual Test Head System optimized for 2 Lead Devices
3602E: Dual 3600E Systems in One Rack
3603E: Dual 3601E Systems in One Rack


  • Two test stations on the 3600E and 3601E systems
  • Performs DC, AC, and pulsed tests
  • Excels at evaluating difficult to measure parameters on zeners, current limiters, varactor tuning diodes and darlingtons
  • 24 bin opto-isolated handler/prober interface
  • Parallel first-in first out computer to tester interface for maximum throughput
  • Parallel testing with a 3602E or 3603E allows shared test execution for extremely high throughput applications when interfaced to high speed handlers with multiple test sites
  • Multi-user Pentium class computer with monitor and keyboard. Printers and additional serial consoles are optional