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IF3S Capacitance Interface

  The IF3S is designed to perform 1MHz capacitance measurements on 2, 3, and 4 leaded devices in conjunction with the 3600E tester. It is designed to be mounted on or near a handler or prober; the IF3S contains the relays necessary for connecting a capacitance meter through relatively short leads to the various pins of the DUT. The IF3S includes a capacitance meter, and an IF1 Standard Interface. For non-capacitance test types these interface options are effectively transparent. To achieve capacitance measurement accuracy and repeatability, the system maintains an auto calibration file on the open socket offsets for all capacitance test types and for each range of the capacitance meter.

Another feature of the IF3 (with the exception of the IF3D two leaded version) are four user programmable component plugs. These allow external components to be connected between the various leads of the DUT under control of the test program. The component plugs can be programmed for use in non-capacitance test types as well.

The IF3S also has the capability of programmable lead switching. The lead switching feature, which is controlled by the test program, provides the flexibility to switch both force and sense of the tester's three Kelvined leads (source/emitter, drain/collector, gate/base) for any combination at the IF3S output. This allows the test leads to be connected to the DUT for any possible device pin-out configuration, offering the advantage of using one test fixture per package style regardless of the device pin-out.